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Your partner for international education solutions

At Oxford International, we have over 30 years’ experience in teaching English as a second language, international student recruitment, operating embedded pathway programmes on campus and providing remote learning in collaboration with our partners. Each year, we provide over 80,000 students with routes to a better future via pathway colleges, direct admission into degrees, English language instruction and tests, and online courses.   

Our approach is transparent – we co-develop a shared vision for success with our partners, tailoring our offering to suit our partners’ needs.

Oxford International Pathway Programs

In partnership with leading universities, we establish and manage embedded pathway programmes which offer students entry routes to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Oxford International works closely with nine university partners across the UK and US, creating unique programmes that meet specific student and institutional needs.

Why Oxford International Pathway Programmes? 

  • We can create a range of programmes that work for your institution, including foundation, undergraduate, and graduate degrees, in a variety of subjects
  • Our programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of international students and are tailored to your institution, with delivery of first-year academic credit classes and specialized instruction to improve students’ English language skills 
  • We work closely with our partners to ensure that students are prepared for success once they complete the pathway programme. 

Student Recruitment

We use our extensive global capabilities and insights to support partner universities in their recruitment of international students. We currently partner with an elite group of universities in the UK, USA and Australia.


We collaborate with educational partners to deliver quality and process efficiency at scale, with customised solutions tailored to the individual needs of each institution.  

We have an established and dedicated global recruitment team of over 280+ staff across 50 global locations supported by a network of over 2,300 agents.
We develop and implement targeted marketing and outreach strategies to reach potential students in pre-agreed target markets. 

Lead generation, pipeline management and conversion support

We assist with the admissions process, including reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and making admission recommendations. 

 We provide students with pre-departure support, such as orientation sessions and cultural training – see also our Pre-Sessional English section. 


Our Educational Services division headquartered in Mumbai, India are experts in marketing, admissions, student support and academic validation – enabling sector leading turnaround times in time zones close to the customer.

Oxford International Digital Institute delivers high-quality, accredited online courses powered by digital innovation to provide endless opportunities for students and partners worldwide.

Pre-Sessional English

Our Online Pre-Sessional English courses equip international students with the English language and academic skillsets required for university-level study.  

Flexible course structure​

Our online course is customisable and recognised by numerous universities, enabling students to progress to a wide range of degrees. We have the option of white-labelling English language for specific partners.

Quality teaching​

Our courses are delivered by highly qualified teachers. 

High progression rates​

Over 90% of students who take the course progress to university study

Oxford English Language
Level Test (OELLT)

The Oxford English Language Level Test is our English language proficiency test, aimed at international students. The Oxford ELLT is internationally recognised, and has two modes of delivery, both powered by the same innovative, AI-enabled testing platform, one undertaken digitally and the other in-person at one of our partner test centres around the world.

Accurate. Accelerated. Accessible. Accredited. 


The OELLT has rigorous security measures to ensure a precise evaluation of English language proficiency. Validates by Ecctis.


Students can take one module at a time and have a break between each module


Reading, listening, and writing are AI-monitored, with a live speaking test with an examiner.


Our tests are accessible to students with unique testing needs. Find out more about the OELLT at OI Digital Institute.

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