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US Pathways Proven Academic Success

Our US University Pathway Programs offer students a unique opportunity to take credit-bearing courses alongside additional academic and English language courses. The carefully selected credit-bearing courses allow first-year students to discover new topics and further explore already strong subjects.

Since the launch of our first cohort in Fall 2022 at San Francisco State University, the University Pathway Program has demonstrated remarkable success. Our students’ achievements, including high completion rates, strong GPAs, diverse enrollment, and continued academic performance into their second year at SF State, are a testament to the program’s effectiveness in preparing international students for academic success in the United States.

Our program is meticulously designed to help students achieve their English language goals and establish a strong foundation to support students with the transition to living and studying in the US, complemented by the outstanding support of our dedicated staff and personalised advising. The exceptional attention each student receives ensures their academic and personal growth. That’s why, since the inception of our International Year 1 program at SF State University, an impressive 88% of students have completed the program and progressed to their second-year degree.

The average GPA of these successful students stands at an impressive 3.46 out of a 4.0 GPA scale, reflecting the high academic standards and support provided within the program. Matriculated students continue to succeed during the second year of their undergraduate studies, earning an average of 3.57 GPA after completing their University Pathway Program. Notably, our program prides itself on its diverse and inclusive community, with students from 28 different countries contributing to a rich and vibrant learning environment. 

The new joiners for the summer cohort at SF State also rated their satisfaction upon arrival with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 84.6, with a 100% participation rate. This high level of satisfaction indicates that students are highly satisfied with their initial experiences, reinforcing the program’s quality and its positive impact on their journey with us.

We recently launched our University Pathway Program at Mercy University, welcoming over 20 graduate and undergraduate students this year. Pathway students have started strong, achieving an average GPA of 3.3, while direct entry students have attained an impressive average GPA of 3.72. This growth highlights the program’s strong appeal and effectiveness in preparing international students for their academic success.

Studying with Oxford International, we help students facilitate a smooth transition into the American higher education system and lay a strong foundation for their academic and professional futures. Our overall achievement underscores the importance of comprehensive support systems, individualized feedback to support students’ academic growth, and a well-structured curriculum to achieve the goals of the pathway programs.

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