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OIEG Recognises Outstanding Partners

OIEG is delighted to nominate the following agents for special recognition and appreciation for their hard work and support:

EDS Overseas Study & Training Ltd. Company

EDS has long been the top-performing agent for Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Ms. Hanh, the CEO, has shown a long-standing appreciation and trust for UK education and demonstrated how perfectly the OIEG UK portfolio suits her student profiles. Despite the challenges facing UK visas in Vietnam, EDS continues to grow and show strong determination in the partnership with OIEG. We take this opportunity to extend our appreciation for her support to OIEG and the Vietnam team. Thanks for always having faith in continuing and developing cooperation in this partnership!

JM Education 

Ms.¬†Suganti is the top-performing counsellor from JM Education. She’s well-trained in the UK portfolio and has a deep understanding of OIEG’s products. Last FY she become our best-performing counsellor in Malaysia. Her students are always talented, driven and happy with their study journey at OIEG. We look forward to working more closely with Suganti, helping more students achieve their dreams in education.

Ifem Education for Southeast, Nigeria

Ifem Education leads the region in individual enrollments for both Pathways and Direct programmes, demonstrating their expertise and deep understanding of OIEG products. Renowned for their exceptional customer service, Ifem Education has built a large, loyal client base, known for their warm hospitality and dedication.

Terence Ekane- Cameroon

This agent has shown exceptional commitment and professionalism towards international students’ recruitment into Oxford Colleges. Beyond this, he has made tireless and effective efforts in promoting the OIEG brand, its colleges and programmes throughout Cameroon which has resulted in increased student enrolments.

He remains a key stakeholder and is highly instrumental towards achieving our goals and objectives for the West Africa region.

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