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New Travel Requirements for Mexican Citizens

As announced by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) on February 29th, the Government of Canada has adjusted its travel requirements for Mexican citizens.

The following changes have been put in place: 

  1. Mexican citizens will need to meet new requirements to be eligible for an ETA (electronic travel authorisation). See new eligibility requirements here. 
  2. If they already have an ETA, it will automatically be cancelled if they don’t also have a valid work or study permit.  
  3. If they have an ETA in progress, they will need to apply for a new ETA and meet the new requirements or apply for a visitor visa.  
  4. If they are no longer eligible for an ETA, they will need to apply for a visitor visa to travel to Canada.  
  5. The application process for Mexican citizens seeking a work or study permit will not change. 

Ways to Study in Canada 

  • Aside from following the standard work and study permit process, as well as the new ETA process, there are opportunities for Mexican citizens to study with us.  
  • Oxford International English Schools and join one of our English Language programmes as a pathway to our Career College programmes in Vancouver and Halifax. If students join our ESL programme for under 6 months first with a Visitor Visa, they will not require a PAL (provincial attestation letter) and can later extend their programme and apply for a Study Permit. 
  • The current IRCC TRV processing time is only 40 days from Mexico. Please plan ahead and secure your spot with plenty of time!   
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